• Sofia Elhaj

Drench Your Locks In Moisture With This Curly Hair Care Regime

Taking care of your hair means taking care of you. So model and self profound curly girl and skin care junkie @Sofiaelhaj has your back.

Below Sofia has shared her hair regime, tips to lock in moisture for long-lasting touchable softness, and cocktail of products to maximum fullness and define curls, the perfect solution to end all your curly hair woes.

Timed Washes + Scalp Health

Curly hair doesn’t get as oily as other textures, so it’s important not to over-wash your hair. I shampoo 1-2 times a week, and in between that I use co-wash Nice Cream by Amika - aka cleansing conditioner.

I also use a scalp scrubber for a few reasons, it stimulates new hair growth, exfoliates any dead skin or dandruff, and helps break down any product build up, maintaining a healthy scalp.


I gently detangle my hair upside down in the shower after conditioning, this helps my curls retain their shape and volume.

Dry With Care + Style

I scrunch dry with a microfibre towel, and apply various curl products prior to styling. I use a cocktail of Curl Corps Curl Defining Cream by Amika - for hydration and to support the curl. Along with a combination of their Curl Corps Curl Enhancing Gel and Bouclème's Curl Defining Gel - for definition and longevity.


After ensuring that the creams and gels are thoroughly distributed within my curls, (avoiding application too close to the scalp in order to prevent product build up,) I then diffuse my hair upside down, on medium heat for approximately 10 minutes.

Following that I flip my hair back over and spray in some hair spray, for added volume, and to ensure my curls remain strong and bouncy all day!

Touch Ups

When refreshing 2 or 3 day old curls, I spray them with a very small amount of water, before going in with my gentle cleansing and hydrating foam Phantom dry shampoo and the invisible super fine mist Perk Up dry shampoo, both by Amika. I scrunch both of these products into my curls upside down, then flip my hair over and voila!

If need be, you can also diffuse the Phantom dry shampoo foam to help revitalise and enhance the bounce back into your beautiful curls.

Additional Hair Care Products

Supernova Moisture And Shine Cream by Amika is a great weightless and leave in product to use on dry hair to tame any of those pesky flyaways, or even refresh dry ends, creating a smooth and brilliantly shiny appearance.

Honey Hair Oil by Gisou is a multipurpose hair oil which can be used as a pre-styling and finishing product, in addition to a hair mask and even as an overnight treatment.

Hair Mask by Gisou is a dream mask suitable for your pre or post shower routine, leaving hair supernaturally soft and rejuvenated.

The Prep and Prime pack by Gisou are two delightfully smelling and effective products to prepare hair for styling. The Propolis Infused Polishing Primer makes hair smooth and allows styling to last longer, creating a bouncy and frizz-free look. Whilst the Heat Protecting Spray not only does its job, it also allows for a grease free finish.

Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil minimises the appearance of frizz and humidity in a lightweight airy texture. The oil glides effortlessly through your tresses, absorbing rapidly, promoting the illusion of gloss and shine.