Practice The Art Of Gifting This Christmas With Our Wellness Recommendations

The practice of gifting has existed since the beginning of human civilisation. It may even predate it, with our closest ancestral relatives having shown signs of gift giving. Researchers believe that cavemen gave presents like unusual shaped rocks or animal teeth to strengthen social connection and show their appreciation to others. As social structures developed, the gifts became more elaborate and decorative.

Research shows that giving a bad gift can actually hurt your relationships! Did you know that apparently it can be deemed rude to take alcohol to a dinner party! Think something with longevity, something practical and personal, something with a meaning and wellness benefit...

So how can you be sure you pick something your recipient will love? Below we have highlighted gift ideas and inspiration perfect for your loved ones at Christmas - Images have shop-able links.

Sustainable Blooms & Grasses

These boho chic blooms and grasses are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Although fresh flowers are a lovely gesture, this suggestion will last for yonks and requires no maintenance!


A candle doesn't have to be boring, make it chic, positive, relaxing and healing with our top picks.

Car Perfume

For those of your friends and family who spend a lot of time in their car, either visiting you, commuting or chauffeuring children around, gift them a chic scent to enjoy whilst driving around and fight any potential signs of the dreaded road rage.

Love Letter Blanket

Maybe one of the most thoughtful items you could gift is something personal. What could be more magical than writing your own custom letter to a loved one on a woven blanket. Love Letter Blankets make a thoughtful + personalised gift for a parent, child, newlyweds, husband, wife, partner or spouse, a teacher or your BFF. You can even write a "note to self"!

Gift Positive Vibes Only

Give the gift of positivity. Allow your loved ones to not only look cute with bespoke crystal jewellery, they will ooze positivity throughout their day with these other gift ideas!

Sage bundles and Palo Santo incense are designed to attract love, cast out negativity, improve well-being, boost mental clarity for meditation and cleanse your space and/or aura. The smoke clears emotional and spiritual negativity. Give the gift of a lifetime to your loved ones.

Coffee Table Photo Album

Is it a coffee table book named ‘Good Times’? Is it a photo album? Well, it’s sort of both. Conjured up by Swedish design company Printworks, from the outside it looks like an arty volume, but open it up and it’s filled with 30 blank pages to cover with pictures of your nearest and dearest. This way, those special snaps can have pride of place on the living room table, without being hidden away in a drawer.


Gift a popular design bracelet for a fraction of the price which will instantly ooze good vibes with its cute phrase.Or why not let your love be written in the stars? Consider a zodiac necklace which can also be engraved.

Wellness Journal

Encourage your loved ones to make time for themselves with a daily wellness journal. They can start and end each day with a fresh mindset, set intentions and take note of the things that make them feel good. Papier are sustainably friendly and have endless design choices, where some journals even have personalisation available.

Beauty Chocolates

Sakara's Beauty Chocolates are made with phytoceramides, which are ceramides that come from plants. By consuming these ceramides from plants, you are able to support the natural ceramides in your skin and rebuild that water barrier from the inside out, making these chocolates a great gifts for Christmas after indulging throughout December.

Blue Light Glasses

Wearing blue light lenses may help filter out damaging blue light from computer screens and mobile devices. These glasses may help to prevent eye strain, prevent dry eye, prevent headaches and may help with a better nights sleep, sounds like the perfect gift your loved one never knew they needed! They also come in an array of styles, colours and are great value for money.

Vegan Friendly

Such a cute touch for your Vegan friendly friends. Consider sleep tea, containing specially selected high-quality herbs to help unwind from a hard day. Or make every night campfire cozy with the scrumptious scents of dark chocolate and vanilla bean dental floss. Think about Vegan Prosecco, a cute vegan body oil, or an old school paper bag style back pack.

Gift Box Or Bag Idea

Shop - Just the balls - Shop - Box and balls

Fill a pretty bag or box with these sweet coloured foam balls and place your gifts inside. Not only will your gift look unique and impressive before they even see the actual item, the box or bag can also be one of the gifts and become a keepsake!