Effortlessly Chic Style Tips For A Weekend Exploring The Countryside

When it comes to a trip away in the countryside you need to be prepared, you want to pack outfits that look equally good in a field as they do in the pub!

The “country look” is very understated, yet très chic! The fresh clean air, long walks, endless greenery, winding lanes, spas, hot tubs, lazy pub meals, what’s not to love about a weekend in the countryside? Well, the usual quandary the British weather provides, derrr!

Here are YK DAILY’S selection of rural attire packing picks to blend in with the country crowd.


Go Prepared for a heat wave, thunder and lightning and everything in between! Whether you’re out in a field, in a pub or at the races, the most important thing is to be prepared, so make sure you’re comfortable, confident and, most importantly, layered up, to strip off or wrap up.

Wearing all cream, taupe, camel or white looks incredibly fresh, all year round, especially with darker accessories or coat thrown over the top of it.

There is something about jeans and a jumper. This timeless combo is an instant go to for many occasions, your country trip away is one of those. Want to make this outfit feel more put together up top? Bright sweaters, a thin cashmere sweater, chunky waffle roll neck, oversized shirt, the possibilities are endless.

Also, if the weather is typically British and greyer than a local sheep, the addition of bright colours will inject a lightning bolt of colour to your ensembles. Layer under a classic Barbour and you're good to go.

Pick jeans that don't stretch, as they will be thicker and more opaque, a straight leg cut looks more timeless.

What you cover up with really depends on the weather. If the forecast is pointing to rain, you’re going to need a waterproof so start by investing in a classic wax jacket, possibly by Barbour. Wax naturally repeals rain so that most of the water simply rolls off your back, and their classic design is perfect for the country, but it’s utilitarian enough to look stylish in the city too, so it’s dual purpose!

If the weather is looking a little better, go for a tailored tweed. You can wear tweed anytime in the country. Whether you’re at Cheltenham races or the pub, it never looks out of place. Add tweed to your packing list, either in a jacket, shirt or even a skirt.

Mini skirts and the countryside… They just don't go together, like Kris and Caitlyn. They are far from practical, unless you like flashing the cows? Plus, their 'dressy' quality makes them sit weirdly in a rural setting. However, (if you feel the weather supports this suggestion,) you could rock a pair of shorts or even a midi skirt dungaree dress. There is something much more nonchalant and relaxed about a midi skirt, just our suggestion!

And onto the dress. We love a summer dress, maxi, maxi with slits, midi, flared, all of these styles go perfectly with an on trend trainer or biker boot, even a welly. You will be the fashionista of the countryside.

In terms of footwear, think trendy comfy trainers, biker boots, knee high boots or wellies (if you are going full on Country File.)

A YK DAILY top pick for a trendy country look would be to think of the grunge-era and style with your favourite summer dress, biker boots and a thermal layer underneath. Not forgetting the big lightweight backpack or shoulder bag with an essential outer layer and pair of tights for if it gets chilly.

Tips On The Wellington:

When it comes to colour, you really can’t go wrong with green. Rubber wellies in garish colours or bright patterns are a definite no-no.

Look for a boot made of 2mm thick natural rubber with good ground clearance and insulation. A thick neoprene lining and x-grip pattern will keep you comfortable and stable. A side buckle is a great feature to consider, it will allow you to adjust the tightness of the boot shaft to the leg, in order to stop water coming in over the top. The wrong boot will offer little to no foot support and could leave your feet freezing, so pick wisely.


Did you know you lose between seven and ten percent of body heat through your head?

Many high street shops have great affordable knitted beanies, and even cashmere substitutes. It’s important to get a hat that suits your face shape and colouring, but make sure you opt for non-itchy headwear, otherwise you could get a little hot, sweaty and red under there!

As for practicality, try to avoid any hats that can easily fly away with “like a gust of wind.” (I bet you have Pharell’s song in your head now!)

Any colours really go in the country, our suggested key colours would be camel, dark green, whites (maybe not so much if you will be getting muddy) – Just avoid neon at all costs.


Think practicality, will you be climbing, rambling or chilling? If the answer is active, we suggest considering a cute backpack or lightweight shoulder bag. Something big enough to hold all of your essentials, but slinky enough not to get in your way or be a nuisance. Opt for a neutral colour and discreet design to go with anything.

A scarf is a great essential, you can wrap around your shoulders, legs, use as a blanket (if big enough) or the obvious use, around your neck.

Sunglasses - While they sound obvious, they are often forgotten. Not only will they keep the sun out of your eyes, you will look super cute whilst they help protect against hay-fever! Your sunnies can also double up as a headband, keeping your hair off your face.

General Country Trip Tips

Why not use your escape to the country as an excuse for a digital detox? You may not even realise it, but constant messages and social media updates can quietly stress you out, so you may be surprised at how even a short break improves your wellbeing. If a total digital ban feels too much, or isn’t possible, just be conscious of your usage.

Use this time to get back to the things you really love like reading, cooking, playing games, photography, chilling, gossiping or painting. Look to your natural surroundings for endless inspiration, from the beautiful landscapes to the wildlife and even the architecture.

A day of outdoor pursuits will leave your mind feeling clearer, but the elements can take their toll on your complexion. Make sure that before you head out for the day, you shield your skin with an spf and follow with a touch of tinted moisturiser for a natural, long-lasting glow. In the evening, it's a good idea to replenish your skin with nourishment and moisture. First,

We hope this post will assist your packing process, allowing you to be prepared for any handsome Jude Law’s arriving at your door (The Holiday film reference, in-case it didn’t click!)

And one final piece of advice, HAVE FUN!